About Us


We have over 25 years of experience in the film and TV industry as well as a genius team of software and hardware developers.  

Our President is a Director of Photography and media Producer in Canada, having delivered over 1000 hrs of quality programming to TV. Our development team has years of experience in startups and excels at solving difficult problems.


Our premiere product is the Visual Assistant, a wireless visual communication tool that replaces video village with a single server and screen tablets. Our proprietary tablet app is a communication tool between any other tablet on our secure network, replacing the walkie talkie with the added value of being able to draw on the screen in real time over top of any camera feed.

Record functions allow for quick and personalized playback of any past take without interrupting the camera crew or the on-set DIT. Never again will the boom operator have to ask where the edge of frame is. They can use their own tablet to see for themselves. These are just a few current features of this growing product.


The Visual Assistant is only the beginning of a revolution in visual communication, annotation and production workflow products that Onset Communication will deliver.

Onset Communication reacts to your needs. We want to hear from you what future upgrades and needs you want see met for your department within the film and TV crew environment.


“…potential to revolutionize the production workflow.”

Rick Perotto - VP - William F

Whites - largest film equipment rental house in Canada

“This is an excellent innovation.”

Scott Mackenzie

Executive producer of Radke - largest advertising agency in Canada

“Ground breaking technology, I don’t remember how life on set was before using the Visual Assistant”


Director of Photography, Toronto

“I would definitely want to use it every time I shoot…“

Louise Lalonde

Documentary director and producer